S.O.S. Birthday Art Box

What is it? 

  • Simply put, it is a box of art supplies to celebrate a birthday! You can purchase one for the birthday crafter and for each guest! We'll deliver!

What do I do with it? 

  • CREATE something! Exercise your frontal cortex (the hub of creativity in the brain!)

Are there directions? 

  • The only direction is to use your imagination to innovate!

Can I choose what is in the box? 

  • For the birthday boxes, you may share a theme, favorite color, and/or interest!

What if I open the box and I think, "This is a box of junk!"? 

  • Lay out all the supplies, take a picture, send it to us, and we will help give you some starting ideas! Remember, working the Frontal Cortex of your brain is not easy! That is why stretching it with design challenges is SO important.

S.O.S. Birthday Art Box

Age Range (Optional)
Gender (Optional)
  • Returns and refunds of this product will not be accepted. The customer is accepting that the box of materials contains various supplies to create something of their own design- not prescribed.  

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