S.O.S. Mother's Day Box

**FREE Delivery (3-5 Days) 20 miles outside of the studio.


What is it?

A specially packed box of art supplies for moms! Each box contains a project and a card making kit!

What Do I Do With It?

CREATE something for mom, with mom, or send it to mom to relax and create!

Are there directions?

The only direction is to use imagination to innovate (the materials you get will lead you in a fun direction!

Can I choose the contents in the box?

Nope! Each box is unique in contents. You will be asked to provide some preferences upon ordering.

S.O.S. Mother's Day Box

Who's Making?
  • Returns and refunds of this product will not be accepted. The customer is accepting that the box of materials contains various supplies to create something of their own design- not prescribed.  

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