S.O.S. Project Box

What is it? 

  • Simply put, it is a box of art supplies to assemble a surprise project!

What do I do with it? 

  • CREATE something! Exercise your prefrontal cortex (the hub of creativity in the brain!)

Are there directions? 

  • The only direction is to use your imagination to innovat (the materials you get will lead you in a fin direction!)

Can I choose what is in the box? 

  • Nope! Each box is unique in it's contents. This is the ultimate design challenge.

What if I open the box and I think, "This is a box of junk!"? 

  • Lay out all the supplies, take a picture, send it to us, and we will help give you some starting ideas! Remember, working the pre-frontal cortex of your brain is not easy! That is why stretching it with design challenges is SO important.

S.O.S. Project Box

Age Range (Optional)
Gender (Optional)
  • Returns and refunds of this product will not be accepted. The customer is accepting that the box of materials contains various supplies to create something of their own design- not prescribed.  

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